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Sample solution to Homework 2

Nov 14, 2012 ... ... solve the exercise using your choice of tool (e.g. Python, Matlab etc). A Python code snippet, showing how to import the graph, is provided at the end of this ... the Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF)).

Envelope Tracking and Digital Pre-Distortion PA Testing for LTE ...

Figure 1. Time domain view of the input signal and bias voltage. Constant PA .... or MATLAB, using the library waveform capability in the N7624B/25B Signal ... You can also observe how DPD affects IQ samples by looking at a CCDF curve.

On Using Storage and Gensets for Mitigating Power Grid ... - ISS4E

3.5 Q-Q plots for evaluating exponential and Weibull distribution as tail bound can- ..... (CCDF) of the sample set as a bounding function for Eq. (2.9) [12]. ...... We use the default MATLAB function wblfit to find the parameters a, b, and find that ...

implementation of a peak windowing algorithm for crest ... - Summit

Matlab simulations are performed before implementing the algorithm in an Altera Field- ..... Figure 11: CCDF Plot for WCDMA Single carrier test signal .

Ecological Sampling of Gaze Shifts - AIR

column figures show the double log-plot of the corresponding CCDF. The top ..... algorithm (implemented in the Matlab bwlabel function). We set NP = 8 to retain ...

60 6 Implementation and Evaluation on the HIL-Demonstrator 6.2.5 ...

Figure 6.35: CCDF of the instantaneous sum rate in the sharing and non-sharing ..... Rayleigh channels effects are generated in MATLAB before the signal ...

GC5325 System Evaluation Kit (Rev. F) - Texas Instruments

feedback that is shared by both GC5325 parts. The block diagram for the GC5325SEK is shown Figure 1. Contents. 1 ... MATLAB™ Control Libraries and Tools .

Doctoral thesis (705 kB)

CDF and CCDF plots for the case of OFDM system with 64 subcarriers is illustrated .... results (MATLAB for signal part, HP-ADS for rf part) with the signal created ...